3 simple ways to capture shoppers attention to help your products stand out in-store

In-store, thousands of products are all battling it out to get into our baskets. But before we even consider purchasing these products, they first need to capture our attention.

If we put aside the product’s various qualities and messages and instead focus on first capturing shopper attention, context and contrast become the all-important considerations. The context in which our product or POS is placed will impact its effectiveness. If everything looks the same, then nothing stands out, no matter how attention-grabbing it may be in isolation. To have truly attention-grabbing products and POS, we need to always consider the context in which it is displayed, and aim to create contrast with the surroundings.

Here are three simple ways we can optimise our products or POS to better capture attention.

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1. Colour

Colour is probably the easiest dimension to influence and implement in-store, and is arguably the most effective.

If the fixture is dominated by a certain colour or brand, try and choose a colour that has the greatest contrast. If the fixture is dominated by green (as the fixture below), choose pink. This may feel counter-intuitive if your brand dominates the fixture, but your POS is there to stand out and capture attention – and sometimes that means bending the brand guidelines.

2. Shape

If everything on the shelf is the same shape –  do something different. In the below example, Graze’s packaging is a pyramid shape in a sea of square boxes, while the bagel FSDU recreates the familiar packaging shape, while also having contrast with usual box FSDUs.

3. Orientation

Again, the goal here is to create contrast with surrounding products. If all products are flat and uniform, then nothing captures attention. The orientation of the Nike shoe protruding from the display draws attention to the highlighted shoe.

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Written by Scott Willey, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott via email scott.willey@sparkemotions.com or connect with him on LinkedIn

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