Analysing the Latest UK Hair Care Insights

In the ever-evolving hair care industry, understanding consumer behaviour is crucial for brands and retailers to remain competitive. At Spark Emotions, our latest “Mood of the Nation” report provided a comprehensive insight into the key hair care insights and dynamics shaping this sector, offering valuable guidance for hair care brands and retailers alike.

Key Trends in Hair Care

Brand Switching: A Significant Trend

Our research indicates that 18% of UK adults have changed hair product brands within the last three months. This highlights an openness among consumers to explore new products and alternatives. For hair care brands, this trend underscores the importance of continuous innovation and effective differentiation strategies to attract and retain customers.

An Insight into Hair Care Retail Channels: The Dominant Purchase Points

Our Mood of the Nation report reveals that almost two-thirds of UK adults purchase hair care products every 1-3 months, predominantly from supermarkets and drugstores. This purchasing pattern emphasises the need for brands to ensure they have strategic placement in these retail channels. After all, visibility and accessibility in these high-traffic locations are critical for driving regular sales and brand loyalty.

A shirtless man stands in his bathroom looking in the mirror to check his hairline

Influential Factors in Purchasing Decisions

When selecting hair care products, consumers prioritise specific hair needs and brand reputation. Products that address particular concerns such as dryness, damage, or sensitivity are highly valued. Additionally, established brand reputation plays a crucial role in consumer choice, indicating that trust and reliability remain key factors in the purchasing process.

The Emergence of Store Brand Hair Care Products

An interesting development highlighted in our report is that 1 in 5 UK adults now purchase store branded hair products. This growing acceptance of retailer own brands presents both a challenge and an opportunity for established brands. To compete effectively, brands must focus on differentiating their products through unique value propositions, superior quality, and compelling marketing strategies.

A staged photo of a woman with long dark hair facing a neutral backdrop. Her hair is damp and she is massaging her scalp.

Shared Usage Patterns

Our findings also indicate that 25% of individuals who share haircare products do so with someone of the opposite sex. This insight suggests a market potential for unisex hair care products that cater to a diverse consumer base. Brands can capitalise on this trend by offering versatile products designed to meet the needs of a broad demographic.

Strategic Recommendations for Hair Care Brands

Based on our findings, we recommend the following strategic actions for hair care brands:

  1. Innovate Continuously: Given the significant level of brand switching, ongoing innovation is essential. Develop products that offer unique benefits and stand out in the crowded marketplace.
  2. Optimise Retail Presence: Strengthen partnerships with supermarkets and drugstores to ensure optimal shelf placement and visibility. Effective in-store promotions can enhance product discovery and drive purchases (if you need advice on this, reach out to a member of our team)
  3. Target Specific Needs: Focus on creating products that address specific hair concerns and clearly communicate these benefits in marketing efforts. This targeted approach can attract consumers seeking solutions for their unique haircare needs.
  4. Build Trust: Maintain and enhance brand reputation through consistent product quality and positive consumer experiences. Trust remains a vital component of brand loyalty.
  5. Expand Product Appeal: Consider developing unisex hair care products that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Highlight the versatility and shared usage benefits of these products.

Leveraging Advanced Insights with Spark Emotions

At Spark Emotions, we employ cutting-edge research techniques and behavioural psychology to provide deep insights into consumer behaviour. Our comprehensive approach enables brands to understand the underlying drivers of consumer decisions, facilitating the development of effective strategies that resonate with their target audience.

To explore these hair care insights further and discover how they can benefit your brand, download our latest Mood of the Nation report. For a more personalised consultation, please get in touch