A family watch the football at home, celebrating at a goal. The angle shows the back of them celebrating and the football on the television

How can brands and retailers prepare for the Euros and the Olympics?

As brands and shoppers get ready for summer 2024, excitement is building around two major events: the UEFA Euro 2024 and the Olympics. Here at Spark Emotions, our goal is to understand and harness the collective emotions of the nation, providing valuable data for brands to truly connect with their customers.

The Mood of the Nation

Our May Mood of the Nation survey, engaging over 1,000 UK adults, reveals a nation brimming with anticipation and positivity. Our data shows that, in comparison to the past three years, people are feeling more excited and in control. This positive shift in emotions offers a great chance for brands to match their messaging and products with the cheerful mood of their customers – perfect timing for the upcoming summer of sport!

Key Insights on Euro 2024

Our research discovered that nearly half of UK adults are looking forward to watching most of the Euro 2024 games. Even for those who aren’t typically football fans, the tie to England’s involvement is engaging. This link can help generate excitement, even among those who aren’t usually into football.

Half of the UK adults intend to watch at least one England game with their family. Our data suggests that most plan to enjoy the matches from the comfort of their homes, presenting a prime opportunity for retailers to offer attractive offers on last-minute snack and beverage purchases. Retailers should also consider promoting family-oriented bundles—think BBQ packs or pizza and snack deals—to cater to these gatherings.

Prepping for the Summer of Sport

With the Olympics following closely after the Euros, there’s an extended period of high emotional engagement. Retailers and brands can capitalise on this by maintaining the momentum built during the Euros.

Here are a few strategies:

Tailored Promotions: Create targeted promotions that cater to the varying emotional states and needs of your audience. Special food and drink offers, themed around both the Euros and the Olympics, can drive purchase behaviour. For example, 55% of UK adults plan to buy special food or alcohol for watching the Euros, with snacks and beers topping the list.

Budget-Friendly Options: Financial confidence has dipped slightly, so it’s crucial to offer a range of options catering to different budgets. Whether it’s affordable snack bundles or premium BBQ sets, providing variety ensures inclusivity.

Engaging Imagery and Inspiration: For those undecided on their plans, inspiring them with engaging imagery and activity ideas can spark last-minute purchases. Highlighting easy-to-prepare meals or themed party ideas can help to boost shopper engagement and sales.

Andy Bromley, CEO of Spark Emotions, comments: “The opportunity for brands as we celebrate the Summer of Sport is immense. The success of last year’s 2023 Women’s World Cup was a clear indication of how sports can lift morale and bring people together in celebration. The Euros and the Olympics offer another bumper chance for brands to tap into this collective excitement and create meaningful engagements with their customers at the point of purchase. By understanding and responding to the emotional dynamics at play, brands can position themselves at the heart of these shared experiences.”


The summer of 2024 promises to be an exhilarating period for sports enthusiasts, retailers and brands alike. For more insights and to stay updated with the Mood of the Nation, join our mailing list at Spark Emotions.

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