Is brand loyalty important for your shoppers

Does brand loyalty still exist?

We often hear how loyalty is a core component to brand growth and the constant stream of new loyalty programmes is a testament to this. But how does loyalty stack up against real data?

From research conducted by Spark Emotions, we’ve seen brand loyalty is few and far between. Whether that’s cleaning products, sauces, clothing or strollers, shoppers rarely stick to one brand. In fact, shoppers are promiscuous who shop across several brands and retailers.

To put this into perspective, if I asked you which supermarkets you’ve purchased from in the last month, most (if not all) would name at least two retailers (our own internal poll showed the average was 4).  This pattern is not limited to grocery retailers and is something observed across multiple categories worldwide. For example, our research in the hot sauce category showed shoppers purchased 6 different brands on average. So much for loyalty to one brand.

We need to think of Loyalty a bit differently

Our research has shown that shoppers tend to be loyal to a familiar repertoire of brands. In other words, shoppers have a selection of brands they tend to consider and choose from. Loyalty is shared. Therefore, the aim is to be among the consideration set of brands and brand awareness is instrumental to this. Very few shoppers will buy a brand they’ve never heard of and this is supported by our research whereby the most cited barrier to purchase is not knowing the brand/ being unfamiliar.

At Spark Emotions, we are experts in driving brand awareness. We have helped brands (small and large) to stand out amongst the crowd and be top of mind. We can help ensure your brand is among the consideration set and be chosen over your competitors.

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Written by Sinita Govind, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
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