2 simple ways to drive more website sales

2 simple ways to drive more website sales

A common question we are asked by our clients is how do they drive more website sales. Clearly, there are many ways to optimise online shopping and vary wildly depending on mission, website, and product.

We’ve conducted numerous studies around the world for some of our biggest clients doing just that. Whether it’s optimising their presence on a third party website, such as Amazon, or gaining a deep understanding of how their customers feel and behave on their own platform to improve the full customer journey to drive conversion.

However, there are two ways to try and drive more online sales:

Make it easy

When shopping in-store, we are often shopping on an autopilot (System 1). Although online shopping is a less emotional experience, much of our behaviour is similarly on autopilot. Therefore, the online shopping journey needs to be able to run on autopilot (most of the time). Part of this is a website having good processing fluency, allowing shoppers to easily identify relevant information and navigate easily. A good example is the ‘buy’ button. The wording, placement, colour and shape of the ‘buy’ or ‘add to basket’ button needs to stand out from the surrounding elements of the webpage, allowing shoppers to find it without friction.

The power of free (delivery)

As with shopping in-store, online shopping presents both costs and benefits to shoppers. Classic benefits of online shopping are the ease and the lack of time cost. Currently, other benefits include the safety of shopping from home, and the ease of delivery. After the pandemic, these benefits will subside, meaning that shoppers may not continue to shop online as often as they have in 2020. For example, delivery is not as easy when no-one is at home to open the door to the delivery driver.

The power of free can be leveraged well online. Free delivery is an extremely powerful tool that retailers can use. Standard economic theory suggests that we make a cost-benefit analysis when making choices between products, but this changes when something is free (PubsOnLine). The same logic potentially applies to the bonus of free delivery, applying for additional benefits as well as reducing costs.

How we can help

These 2 simple ways to drive more website sales can help you optimise your website, to improve conversion by making it easy for shoppers. At Spark Emotions, our methodologies are built with an understanding of how the brain works, so we can understand real emotions and real behaviour online, helping to drive a true outperformance. Click here to find out more about how we understand the behaviour of online shopping.

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Written by Scott Willey, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott via email scott.willey@sparkemotions.com or connect with him on LinkedIn