What is the Peak-End rule

The Peak-End rule is a cognitive bias that impacts how people remember past events. It is very difficult/impossible for us to remember every detail of experiences, and we, therefore, do not evaluate experiences in rational ways.

We remember ‘Peaks’ as they are highly emotional – these can be both positive and negative intense moments in a journey.  We also remember the ‘End’ of a journey/experience because it is more recent.

Even how long an experience lasts has little impact of the memory formed, this is called duration neglect.

In order for people to remember experiences as positive, it is therefore important to evoke positive peaks, as well as ensure a smooth and enjoyable ending to the journey.

Understanding cognitive biases, such as The Peak-End Rule is crucial to understanding your customers better. To learn more about the brain, please click here for more articles on why we behave as we do or get in touch with us here.

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