How the nation is truly feeling in October 2020

October 2020 is going to be very different from previous years. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way people go about their lives, including the introduction of local lockdowns for some parts of the country.

That’s why at Spark Emotions we wanted to truly understand how people are feeling on a monthly basis. Throughout the year, we focus in on different topics by month depending on what is important to the general public. For October, we spoke to over 1,000 people to understand their emotions and what plans they have for the month ahead.

The October paper brings you an understanding of what the general mood of the nation is in the United Kingdom; how the UK feels about the events of Halloween and Bonfire Night, and as The Great British Bake Off begins we ask about cooking from scratch.

Positive COVID-19 cases begin to rise in the UK

Many factors influence how we feel, and the pace of change is phenomenal. Big events in the last month have included schools beginning their Autumn term, a rise in positive COVID-19 cases and the introduction of the ‘rule of six’.

When we conducted our nationally representative survey in September there was a lot going on in the UK

The UK is optimistic, yet worried when looking ahead to October

The UK describes the month of October using very similar emotions to the month of September, but with one key difference. In September, the most popular emotions were ‘Hopeful’, ‘Worried’ and ‘Optimistic’, whereas in October we see ‘Optimistic’ become the most popular emotion, with some anxiety still being seen with ‘Worried’.

People in the UK are feeling Optimistic when thinking about October

After a drop in mood for September, the UK feels more positive in October

Our Spark Emotional Wheel is a bespoke tool that helps us quantify emotions (click here if you would like to read more about the Spark Emotional Wheel). We have found the UK public have moved from feeling Inquisitive in 2019, to Enthusiastic in July, Interested in August, and Attentive in September. Scores for Happiness, Excitement and feelings of Control have all improved for October after a dip in September compared to previous months. However, despite feeling more positive month to month, emotions have not returned to pre COVID-19 levels.

How the UK is feeling has slowly been improving since the lockdown in March

What this means for you

It is crucial to understand your customers’ emotions, so you can tailor your product or service to help alleviate your customers’ anxieties. There are many things as a business you can do and by getting to the truth of how they are feeling and what you can do to help.

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Written by Scott Willey, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott via email or connect with him on LinkedIn

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