Was the Hilltop Honey rebrand more memorable?

When we asked our LinkedIn network which Hilltop Honey pack they found most memorable, an overwhelming 71% voted for the Original!

When Hilltop rebranded, approximately a year ago, they decided to pay homage to their hardest workers, the bees themselves, with a black and orange stripey label and a cleaner simpler look.

Although this gets them design and style points, it doesn’t necessarily aid their brand with either awareness or recognition, particularly because it blends in with other competitor products on the honey supermarket shelves.

Becoming similar in colour to its competitors Hilltop effectively removed a distinctive brand asset, drastically reducing its shelf standout as well as existing brand associations shoppers use to find their products.

The light colour of the labels stood out amongst the sea of yellow, orange and black usually seen on the honey shelf, it made it easily recognisable and aided recall through stronger brand associations. For example, when describing the product for a shopping list, shoppers may have referred to it as “the one with illustrations on”, “the white one” or using other distinctive assets the pack possessed. It can also be argued that the Original packaging allowed for more effortless System 1 shopping, due to the relatively unique standout, compared to the Current look which would require more conscious and deliberate thought.

However, only time will tell how this change will influence shoppers’ behaviours in-store.

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Written by Amelia Gavrila, Senior Insights Executive at Spark Emotions.
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