Spark Emotions March Mood of the Nation

How the nation is truly feeling about March 2021?

At Spark Emotions, we wanted to truly understand how people are feeling on a monthly basis and in this month, we focus on March. Throughout the year, we focus in on different topics by month depending on what is important to the general public (click here for more information on our Mood of the Nation). For March, we spoke to over 1,000 people to understand their emotions and what plans they have for the month ahead.

March brings us closer to spring, lighter evenings, and hopefully warmer weather. Mother’s day is this month and unfortunately, there will be more people celebrating the day apart this year due to restrictions. March is the UK’s the 3rd Month in lockdown and we wanted to know how people were planning to celebrate Mother’s Day and Easter.

The March paper brings you an understanding of the general mood of the nation by getting to the truth of how people are really feeling in the United Kingdom; how the UK plans to celebrate Mother’s Day and, as it is so early in April this year, how people are feeling about celebrating Easter.

Spark Emotions March Mood of the Nation timeline

There were many events in February that would have influenced how UK adults are feeling in March. At the beginning of February the UK had administered over 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and a new vaccine was found to be 89.9% effective against the virus. On the 11th of February, the UK experienced its coldest night for 26 years with temperatures dropping to -23C and just under half of us (48%) celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

Despite March being the 3rd month in lockdown, people are feeling positive. Compared to February, more people reported feeling optimistic and hopeful about March as the vaccination program continues and the weather becomes warmer.

Spark Emotions March Wheel
March has been the first time in months that we’ve seen an increase in levels of Happiness, Excitement and Control giving March the emotion of ‘Joyful’. As April brings us closer to the end of lockdown and spring, we expect these levels to continue increasing into next month.

How can you help?

Many people will not be able to visit their mother or children this Mother’s Day so people will be looking for some creative ways to celebrate. As the weather improves and the days get longer, there will be more opportunities to get outside, so suggest food inspiration for picnics and other meal occasions.

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Written by Tara Moran, Research Executive at Spark Emotions.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Tara via email or connect with her on LinkedIn