The UK is feeling Reckless about entertaining at home

The ability to measure the emotions that shoppers and consumers are feeling and being able to react accordingly is more vital to businesses than ever before.

Thankfully at Spark Emotions, we have over 20 years of experience as our clients market research partners helping them to understand emotion, to better meet the needs of their customers.

During this time, we have developed our own unique model for measuring human emotion – our Spark Emotional Wheel.

The Spark Emotional Wheel allows us to quantify the emotions of consumers

This bespoke tool allows us to plot the exact emotion that people are feeling towards something, whether that be a brand, a store, or even the current state of the entire world around them.

We are then able to measure how that emotion changes over time, and how it can be influenced by external forces, like something as simple as a marketing message, right up to the major cultural changes we are all experiencing at the moment. (click here if you would like to read more about the Spark Emotional Wheel)

The UK feels Interested when thinking about August

When we carried out a market research study of over 1000 UK adults for our August Mood of the Nation, we saw that the UK feels Interested when thinking about August. Scores for Happiness, Excitement and feelings of Control have all continued to increase from May. However, scores are still not as positive as they were in 2019 pre-Coronavirus.

How the UK is feeling about each month has slowly been improving since the lockdown in March

The UK is excited to entertain at home – and feels Reckless when thinking about doing so

The results get more interesting when we take an emotional read of how the UK feels about entertaining at home. As lockdown restrictions ease to allow people to meet, and the weather is good enough to entertain both outside and inside the home, we expect to see much of the UK entertaining at home in August. When thinking about entertaining at home compared to feelings towards August generally, the UK feels more Happiness, more Excitement, and more feelings of Control. However, this indicates that when thinking about entertaining at home the UK feels Reckless, suggesting that social distancing principles may slip when we are emotionally engaged in seeing friends and family we haven’t been able to interact with for an extended period of time.

What does this all mean for your business? Firstly, we know that the UK is keen to entertain and feels positive about doing so – but may be interested in products that can uphold hygiene and social distancing principles once socialising begins (and barriers come down).

If you would like to see our full August Mood of the Nation report, please click here and enter your details and one of the team will be in touch. Or reach out to Scott directly using the details below.

Written by Scott Willey, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Scott via email or connect with him on LinkedIn

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