Burger King recently revealed their new retro logo

Did our LinkedIn network prefer the new Burger King logo?

We asked our LinkedIn network which logo they preferred by Burger King, the new retro design or the existing logo.

Overwhelmingly, 70% preferred the new design and I’m sure Burger King would have done their own research to show a similar preference before releasing the new design.

But preference doesn’t translate into effectiveness. Shoppers may say they prefer a new design but that doesn’t mean it’ll be as effective at being recognised on shelf or in advertising or it will be as memorable as the original. All these metrics can make a difference on whether a brand will be bought.

The new design is not miles away from the original logo we’re used to seeing and associating with Burger King. It has the ‘Burger King’ text in the same red text, positioned centrally between the burger bun. The burger bun is a darker shade of orange which reduces a contrast effect but they’re still not wholesale changes. Plus the orientation of the text has changed which in terms of a fluency perspective, is much better.

However, most quick-service restaurants’ logos tend to opt for similar colour palettes e.g. red, yellow, orange. The stroke of blue in the Burger King logo differentiated itself from its competitors and it’s a key feature that has been removed from the new design. Shoppers may actually look for the blue in the logo to indicate it’s Burger King. Will this omission of blue matter? Only time will tell. It will certainly take time to build recognition and memorability of this new logo design.

It’s best for brands to track these changes over time using the metrics that matter (i.e. not preference!). At Spark Emotions we have the capability to help teams through these branding changes, using the right metrics to ensure any changes are right for you but more importantly, the consumer, without compromising effectiveness.

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Written by Sinita Govind, Associate Director at Spark Emotions
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