Online unaccompanied shops

Because much online decision-making is system 1 and online shoppers cannot accurately reflect on or predict their choices; they rationalise or guess. A human’s working memory only lasts for around 18 seconds. As a result, customers cannot accurately recall their actions when answering questions in traditional interviews to understand their online shop.
With a remote unaccompanied shop, real customers are recruited when they have a specific online shopping task and are left to shop completely unaided, capturing natural behaviour. To do this, we mirror their computer screen whilst they go about their online shop, during this we analyse what they click on and what takes their attention, we are also able to ask questions in the moment, which ensures we are getting to the true behaviour.
We then code all of the qualitative and quantitative data to give you a true understanding of how shoppers are engaging with your website, finding your products on a third party website or their journey from making a decision to purchase something through to conversion.

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