By combining the power of cutting-edge research techniques, scientific human behavioural understanding and market expertise, we help our clients grow and thrive.
Our team of psychologists and industry experts can help you to understand how your consumers really feel in order to drive business growth.

  • We get to actual,
    not claimed behaviour

    Experts on the brain

    Our academic and scientific knowledge of the brain allows us to get to actual not claimed behaviour

    System 1 & 2
    Internal & external motivation
    Salience & attention
    Emotion & reason
    Implicit & explicit
    Working memory
    Actual vs. claimed

    We get you to a true
    understanding of
    your consumers
    Who they are
    How they behave
    How they feel
    How they decide

    Human emotion

    We measure human emotions, by calculating 3 implicit levels within the minds of consumers.

  • Industry experts

    We have a team of experts, spanning a number of industries, who really understand how they operate. This expertise helps us to develop actionable insights, that can be implemented.