Foundational market diagnostics

Designed by our team of industry leaders and consumer psychologists to help our clients understand what is happening in their current (or potential) markets.

Our Foundational Market Diagnostics utilises our expertise of analysing data, identifying trends and understanding of industry to generate a comprehensive view of the market.

We combine a broad range of research, that is then analysed by our team of consumer psychologists and industry leaders to build you a bespoke and comprehensive report. We will then debrief your team on our findings, allowing you to ask questions to help you make future business decisions based on insight.

  • Make future business decisions
    based on insight
  • What you will find out

    Our team will complete the in-depth desk research to build the story using a combination of our Mood on the Nation reports, third-party data and over 20 years of our own historic data. This bespoke report will help answer your key questions on things like threats and opportunties, innovation, trends and key players.

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