The challenge

After the second UK national COVID-19 lockdown, our client wanted to understand what would be driving people back to the high street. We were asked to help them understand the macro influences, changing High Street dynamics, and drivers of behaviour that influence client customers to visit.

  • What we did

    Through our Trends and Foresight business unit, we conducted an online survey with consumers within their sector. We analysed the results using our emotional measurement tool and facemapping technology. This enabled us to understand the macro influences and emotions driving customer behaviour.

    What we found out

    Mood of the industry: Customers felt out of control when thinking about their lives generally. However, customers felt confident in their finances and were generally optimistic about the future

    The High Street: Almost 2/3rds of customers had revisited the High Street since the first lockdown, with 1/3rd doing so just to get out of the house. Customers still need reassurance that the High Street is a safe space to be.

    In-shop: Customers feel excitement in-shop, and are visiting for social interaction and excitement.

  • The results

    Through our insight led trading solution, we worked with our client to develop a new trading calendar to optimise window displays and drive passing footfall into shop, by tapping into customer excitement and creating events.