The challenge

Market Fresh were looking at some new product development in the plant based market and asked us to help them identify opportunities and go to market.

  • What we did

    Utilising our foundational market diagnostics methdology, we carried out consumer research and applied our industry expertise to fully understand the plant-based market. We gained a deep understanding of how it is behaving now and predictions for the future.

    We generated a report which identified the latest trends, market size, key competitors and offers a view on the future opportunities within the industry

    What we found out

    • The number of UK people eating meat free foods has increased
    • The growth in the meat-free market has been largely driven by the emerging flexitarian movement
    • The key motivations for adopting the flexitarian diet are personal health, environmental impact and animal welfare
    • There is an opportunity for retailers to launch new products in the plant-based food market
    • Retailers need to work harder to make their products stand out from the competition
    • Unique selling points like enhanced nutritional profiles, enticing flavours or environmental awareness should help to boost consumption across wider groups

  • Client testimonial

    "We have been looking at launching new products into the plant based market and needed data and insight to help us build the right propostion. Spark Emotions were able to identify opportunities for us, and most importantly, were able to give us clear guidance on what we needed to do to take our products to market"

    Kamal Chauhan - Chief Executive Market Fresh