The challenge

We partnered with Encona, a market leading brand in the hot sauce category, to identify the levers and barriers to growth. We did this through exploring current buyer patterns, identifying new occasions and usages and factors that drive and inhibit brand purchase.

  • What we did

    Through our online methodologies, we were able to understand category behaviour and drivers. We validated this research through an in-store element whereby category buyers shopped the category as normal and captured their decision making through pre and post shop surveys, videos and photographs.

    What we found out

    • Brand buyers are promiscuous and very little loyalty exists within the category
    • We identified new occasions and usages that our leading brand could leverage that competitors had yet to identify
    • We uncovered the biggest driver for our leading brand that it could emphasise in communications and pack
    • The role of brand awareness and recognition in purchasing decisions and the influence it had on brand purchase
    • The reasons for why category buyers were not purchasing our leading brand and how to overcome these
    • The perceptions of the pack design and its role in purchase behaviour

  • What changes were made

    • Optimised their USP on pack and communications to ensure it is communicated widely
    • Incorporated new occasions and usages into their media plan and communication strategy
    • Revisited their pack design to enhance brand drivers and minimise confusion points
    • Communicated category behaviour and brand drivers new learnings widely throughout the business

    Client testimonial

    "Working with Spark Emotions has been a joy. Not only did they demonstrate that they listened to the brief and its deliverables, but they also went beyond the scope to provide invaluable insights for us to apply across the marketing spectrum. I wouldn’t hesitate in using them again or recommending them as a partner for your brand."

    Jack Elkins – Brand Manager