The challenge

Global hygiene and health company, Essity, got in touch with us for our expertise in delivering actionable insights and our experience of presenting large data outputs in an easy-to-understand format.

  • What we did

    Essity had a large database of research that spanned across 10 categories in 15 countries and they needed help organizing this into an actionable framework. We took this data and used our expertise to analyse their outputs and present it in a more user friendly and readable format. Essity also asked us to present this information back to their shopper marketing teams, category managers and customer development teams. We helped them to understand what triggers their shoppers to purchase, what could be a barrier to purchasing, and what mindset their shoppers could be in while purchasing to name a few.

    How we helped

    Over a 4 month period, we delivered 14 slide decks and gave 12 presentations to around 140 clients, and received positive feedback from all involved.

  • Client testimonial

    "The whole process was very good and efficient. Spark Emotions were flexible and adapted the framework as we went along.

    The outputs balanced our needs for consistent European insight with localisation for specific country nuances.”

    Neil Blackburne - European Shopper and Category Insight Manager