The challenge

Speedo asked us to help a major sports retailer grow their overall goggles category and understand why Speedo is not performing in-store and develop potential solutions.

  • What we did

    We conducted a day’s fieldwork in stores in both Paris and Barcelona, pre-recruiting and cold-recruiting potential goggles shoppers. We used eyetracking to understand exactly what shoppers were engaging with at fixture, including POS, segmentation and branding/products, before asking them about their shop and specific brand packaging. Manual observations were also conducted to gauge real shopper behaviour.

    What we found out

    • Shoppers stop at the own brand competitor as it is the first brand they come to -they don't always shop the range
    • Speedo is not standing out at fixture
    • Shoppers shop by the product itself (display goggles) and do not look at packaging – high experiential behaviour

  • Actionable insights

    • Improve visibility of Speedo at fixture - Use of SRP or redesign Speedo packaging
    • Improved communication on pack – Functional benefits, imagery, simplify design.
    • Improve fixture arrangement (to aid processing fluency)
    • Optimise display goggles / communicate product benefits here

    Client testimonial

    "Spark Emotions were great at interpreting our brief and understanding the challenges we were facing. The findings were clear and actionable, backed up by a clear understanding of shopper behaviour within the category, it was a great piece of work and Spark Emotions were great to work with too! – I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future"

    Louise Stacey – Shopper Design Manager