The Challenge

Our team of consumer psychologists partnered with Marketforce, a global media company, to understand their customers and drive traffic to their women’s magazine brands. They wanted to use insight from this research to help spark and influence conversations with retail.

  • What we did

    We used a comprehensive mixed methodology approach. Most of the research was conducted in-store to understand how shoppers navigate the fixture, search for and choose between titles and probe the ‘why’ behind the decisions they made at shelf.

    What we found out

    • Women buy magazines to escape reality, relax and to treat themselves.
    • We need to reduce friction at the shelf to help new shoppers coming into the category.
    • Shoppers are attracted to faces on the magazine covers.

  • What changes were made

    • Delivered the research to editors and publishers to ensure magazine covers are designed with behavioural science in mind.
    • Shared key insights with buyers and recommended changes to point of sale and creative execution.
    • Suggested planogram changes to grow the category by optimising weekly publications.


    "Spark Emotions have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their flexible work approach and excellent communication skills have enabled us to tweak briefs, hit deadlines and deliver an extremely insightful research project back to key stakeholders around the business. We can’t wait to use Spark Emotions again."

    Yasemin Kemal - Deputy Insight Manager