The challenge

As the UK’s number one automotive content and commerce provider, Autovia wanted to better understand the everyday car shoppers’ purchasing journey to ensure their offering matches current and future consumer needs and wants.

  • What we did

    Fieldwork was conducted in two stages: 1-to-1 in-depth interviews helped us uncover unmet needs, experiences and feelings of shoppers on the car buying journey, whilst the online deep-dive survey that followed focused on validating findings from the first stage and further exploring information sources, budget and finance, and car dealerships.

    What we found out

    • The most important factors in the car search and the main driver of car purchases.
    • Preferred sources of information by purchase stage and car type.
    • The role of car dealerships throughout the car buying journey.
    • Car shoppers attitudes and behaviour towards budget and payment methods.

  • Client testimonial

    "Spark Emotions helped us to uncover and understand shopper behaviour, the hard-to-articulate triggers and barriers. Insights were presented through clear, actionable recommendations that will guide our strategic direction. We look forward to working with them again."

    Dan Cohen, Chief Product Officer