We understand
the science behind
consumer behaviour
We understand the science
behind consumer behaviour

Meet the

Jack has both retail and brand expertise, gained by spending a large part of his career in the marketing department of one of the biggest retailers in the UK and managing a large portfolio of FMCG brands. He’s our main point of contact at Spark, so feel free to contact him if you have an enquiry, or you would just like to know a little more about what we do.

Jack Hillaby

BA(Hons) in Marketing Management
Head of Business Development

Tara is relatively new to the team, recently joining from Bangor University having completed a masters degree in consumer psychology. Her natural enthusiasm and tenacity means she has made significant contributions on a number of market research projects for some of our most trusted clients.

Tara Moran

Msc Consumer Psychology with Business
Research Executive

Scott is a subject matter expert with a master’s degree in consumer psychology. Scott has worked across the globe combining academia with his natural understanding and vast knowledge of human behaviour to help clients gain deep insights into their customers behaviour.

Scott Willey

Msc Consumer Psychology with Business
Associate Director

Binna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the healthcare sector which she gained after concluding her research masters degree. She lives and breathes psychology and has consistently put this into practice in the market research world. Her background also enables Binna to analyse research projects from a different perspective.

Binna Chopra

MRes Psychology
Research Manager

Since completing a masters degree in consumer psychology, Will has remained a real student of the human brain, keeping himself and the business up to date on the latest research of why people do what they do. Will has delivered many global projects using his deep knowledge of the brain to offer our clients a true understanding of how consumers and shoppers behave.

Will Morgan

Msc Consumer Psychology with Business
Associate Director

Following her studies in English and History, Holly’s fascination with language and behaviour was transferred to the world of market research. Her experience in Category and Insights in the FMCG industry has given her a wealth of knowledge around how mechanisms in store interact with shopping behaviour in the real world.

Holly Adams

BA (Hons) in English & History
Insights Manager

Gary has over 17 years experience in market research gathering and interpreting data across the customer insight world. With his wealth of experience throughout data and information technology, Gary ensures data is collated in the most efficient and accurate way, whilst maintaining the highest code of GDPR compliance.

Gary Haime

MSC in Computing
Data Manager

Amelia is passionate about getting to the truth behind how people function and used her inquisitive nature to successfully complete her psychology with business masters degree. Through research and analysis of complex data, she generates actionable insights that make it simple for our clients to implement change to drive business growth.

Amelia Gavrila

Msc Consumer Psychology with Business
Senior Research Executive

Lee is an authentic and visionary Managing Director who has been operating at board level for a number of years. As a previous Director across multiple disciplines at Tesco PLC he brings a wealth of experience to the business. Lee’s ability to connect teams and bring together the science behind behaviour, academia and industry experts is key to the business model going forward.

Lee Harrison

Managing Director

Anne-Marie is a crucial member of the team, she’s fully trained in facial coding which means we are able to understand the real, not claimed behaviour of customers. Anne-Marie’s input, working alongside our consumer psychologists and industry experts, enables us to get to the emotional truth for our clients.

Anne-Marie Brown

Office Manager and Facial Coder

Dave has over 30 years of global retail experience across commercial, operations and marketing. He uses strategic thinking and problem solving to help businesses build simple and effective plans. This depth of experience means Dave brings a wealth of unrivalled industry expertise to the business.

Dave Thomas

Customer Director

With over 20 years of senior level financial and corporate management experience, Hansa ensures the smooth running of both the finance and group HR functions.

Hansa Patel

Group Finance Director

Andy has spent his entire career in shopper and consumer research, observing, questioning and helping to understand shopper behaviour. He understands how shoppers behave and crucially, WHY they behave as they do. This experience means Andy is an expert at identifying the best methodologies to get you the most accurate answers.

Andy Bromley

Director of Operations

Adam studied multimedia at university and over the last 9 years he has been able to use these skills and knowledge in the shopper research industry. Adam frequently travels around the world for our clients, ensuring consistency of project set up, GDPR compliance and professional execution of fieldwork.

Adam Cooper

BA (Hons) in Multimedia
Data Executive

Paul is an experienced company secretary and senior leader across the corporate, financial services and IT & Technology sectors. Leading on business improvement & compliance, and ensuring board decisions are implemented with speed, efficiency and legality.

Paul Chapman

Commercial Director